Ready to start your teeth straightening?

It’s time for the expert team in our lab to take a closer look at your teeth.

There’s 2 easy ways to do this. Either book a scan OR make moulds of your teeth with our impression kit.

No matter which method you choose, you’ll receive support from our Aussie Customer Service Team.

No overseas call centres - ever!


$99 $30*


If you’d prefer to complete the whole process from home, you can order our easy-to-use at home impression kit. The price includes your impression kit, your personalised 3D teeth straightening plan and all postage.

*Purchase price of Impression kit refunded
when completed kit is returned
completed to EZ SMILE.

EZ SMILE Impression Kit


$150 FREE


It takes just 30 minutes to have your teeth scanned. You’ll then receive your personalised 3D teeth straightening plan showing how your teeth will move into their final straight position.


satisfaction guarantee*

We want you to love the final result of your EZ SMILE clear aligners.

If the final outcome doesn’t match your 3D plan, we will provide extra aligners
FREE OF CHARGE to achieve the result you paid for.

*You must upload Midway photos and then Final photos immediately upon completing the treatment to qualify for free refinement aligners. Once Final photos are submitted, notify us in writing to request a review. Additional charges may apply if this is not followed.

EZ SMILE Satisfaction Guarantee

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EZ SMILE Impression Kit

How to use your impression kit?


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We have a number of scanning locations across Australia.

If we find that you are not able to be treated your kit price will be refunded. If you go on to purchase the aligners you will receive $100 off your aligners to cover the cost of your kit. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Scoll up on this page and click the book scan now button.

If we find we can’t treat you, the price of your impression kit is refundable. If you proceed and purchase EZ SMILE clear aligners the price of your impression kit will be refunded.

We’re confident in the clear aligners we sell. So confident, in fact, that we put our money where our mouth is. To give you total peace of mind when you purchase our products, we have a guarantee in place you’re sure to love!

You can learn more in our Terms & Conditions. Alternatively, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience on 1300 936 400 and we’ll explain what the next steps are.

The EZ SMILE teeth straightening process

EZ SMILE Impression Kit

Step 1

We'll create your straightening plan
The expert team in our lab will need to
take a closer look at your teeth. You can
either book a 3D scan at your closest
centre, or order an impression kit to make
moulds of your teeth from home.

EZ SMILE Clear Aligners

Step 2

See your new smile
We'll send you a link to your 3D
teeth straightening plan showing
how your teeth will gradually
straighten with each set of aligners.

It’s only when you love what you
see, that you place the order and
pay for your aligners.

 IS EZ SMILE FOR ME?  Free 30 Second Assessment
EZ SMILE Clear Aligners

Step 3

Straighten your teeth
We'll deliver your full treatment of
clear aligners directly to your door for
just $2499.

You'll need to wear retainers at night
to keep your new smile straight. The
first set is included, then order for
$179 a set.